New @ MIB: Busy professionals! What you don’t know can…

  • Cost your company millions
  • Derail your project plans
  • Cripple your company‘s strategic plans
  • Limit your personal intelligence base
  • even Kill your career

Contact us if you need help with intelligence content management custom services or…
your own DIY clinical and medical information management tools.

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First -> Hot Off the Press…

MedIntelliBase Alerts™ Mobile Apps
…delivers critical business intelligence …instantaneously sends Push Notifications
…alerts you to Unread intel with:
……clear badge counter, and
……unread Alerts summary page.

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On your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, tablet or web browser you get:

Breaking Competitor News
Clinical Research Advances
Technology Developments
IP Tracking & Legal Issues
LitSearches & LitReviews
Recalls & Regulatory Developments

Capital Sources Directories

Commercial Developments
Government Legislation Alerts
Breaking Customer News
and much more
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 Second -> Budget-conscious ($) DIY solution…

MedIntelliBase Alerts™ DIY
Content Management Software

SOON** with modular and FULLY AUTOMATED clinical abstracts search, screening, capture and upload –

…Saves you valuable time and effort

…Cuts your procurement time by 90%

…Quickly built to your specs

**Available August 2017

– Know the content – clinical abstracts and articles, medical news, press releases – you need to manage?
– But need the right tools?

You’ve found your solution:

> MIB Alerts DIY Software is easy to use, fully secure and accessible anywhere you are.

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 Third -> Breaking news at your fingertips…for the price of free

MIB BreakingNews™ FREE edition

Get a free custom scrolling newsfeed for your corporate or patient information website:

Enhance your brand and reputation
Increase traffic and lead generation
Track real-time market developments
Increase your marketing capacity at no extra cost

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