MedIntelliBase Market Tracks Tour

This is your self-guided tour of a sample MIB MarketTrack. Excerpts of our Coronary Artery Revascularization MarketTrack will show you the easy navigation, depth and breadth of coverage. For a quick tour of each of our databases, click on:

• Login and Quick Product Search

• Advanced Trial Search

Clinical Trial to Product Linking

Advanced Product Search
• Company Search

(The image at the right lists the Quick Product Search, Product Description Page, and the Trial Description Page of the MIB MarketTracks.)


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For Best ViewingClick on the mini screen images for an enlarged view. To get a clearer and/or larger view, click on the lower right corner of the image and drag the corner down and to the right, or click on the expand button.

Search #1— Login and Quick Product Search

Step 1. — Your Access

Step 2. — Your Resources

  • You are taken to our secured “MedIntelliBase MarketTracks Subscriber” Homepage.
  • Any of the MarketTrack areas that you have subscribed to are highlighted with blue bullets.
  • For example, as shown in blue to the right, suppose you have subscribed to everything except Lower Limb Venous Therapeutics.
  • Within a specific MarketTrack or from the general navigational tabs above, you can search our three (3) MIB Databases:
    • Product Technologies database – Competing Technologies
    • Trials & Registries database – Pivotal Clinical Trials & Registries
    • Companies database – Highly Competitive Companies

Suppose you choose to search for a product first such as the “S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System”…

Step 3. — Your Navigation

  • To locate the “S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System”…
  • Product Technology link within your subscription table


Step 4. — Your Quick Product Search

  • To do a Quick Search on the product, “S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System,” enter the name into the text box and click on the Search button below.
  • Note the Subject Area checkboxes indicate that you have authorization to access the following sections:
    • Cardiac Structural Repair Therapeutics
    • Cardiovascular Therapeutics
    • Carotid Artery Therapeutics and Stroke Prevention
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis Therapeutics
    • Endovascular Therapeutics (checked)
    • Lower Limb Stenting and Advanced Arterial Therapeutics
    • Lower Limb Venous Therapeutics
    • Neurostimulation / Neuromodulation Therapies
    • Neurovascular Therapeutics and Stroke
    • Peripheral Arterial Occlusion Therapeutic

Note 1:

  • In the Quick Search mode you have the option to control the number of search results you receive per page. To do so, click on the down arrow on the Show me ‘x’ results and select 25, 50, 100 or All.
  • You also have the option to perform an Advanced Search and can do so by clicking on the button Go to Advanced Search to go to that screen.

Step 5. — Your Quick Product Search results

  • Your Search Results will appear directly below the green Quick Search tools box.
  • Click on “S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System”

Step 6. — Your Quick Product Search concluded

  • You will go to that record describing all aspects of that product including:
    • product description
    • manufacturing company
    • general modality category
    • specific modality category
    • general product type category
    • specific product type category
    • commercial approval information
    • development status – commercial events
    • development status – clinical trials
    • key comments
    • e-links to related produdcts, companies, and trials in the other MIB Databases.
  • Go to the “SIROCCO I / II” trial for an example of our e-links – just click on the trial’s text link under Clinical Trials on the left side


Note 2:

  • On the Advanced Search page of the Product Technologies Database you have much greater control over your searching parameters.
  • You can search by the Company Name, Product Name, Commercial Approval Date, General Modality, Specific Modality, General Product Type, Specific Product Type or on Any Key Words by entering your specific query in the text box.
  • As with the Quick Search page you can also control the number of results shown per page.

Note 3:

  • All clinical trials mentioned within entries in the Product Technologies Database are linked to their own records in the Trials & Registries Database.
  • For example, clicking on the name “SIROCCO I / II” automatically takes you to that trial in the Trials & Registries Database.

Search #2 — Advanced Trial Search

Step 1. — Your Advanced Trial Search

  • To begin a trial search, click on the Trial & Registries Database tab at the top of the page to start that new search.
  • To search using more defined parameters, click on the Advanced Search button.

Step 2. — Your Advanced Trial Search Company Parameter

  • To locate a trial, you can select a list of all trials sponsored by a company.
  • Click on the See your Company access link.
  • This will open a new small window that lists all companies you may choose from.
  • Select the company titled “Cordis (J & J)”
  • Click Search.

Step 3. — Your Advanced Trial Search Results

  • Again your Search Results will appear directly below the blue Advanced Search box.
  • Clicking on the “SIROCCO I / II” result will take you to the detailed entry on this trial.

Step 4. — Your Advanced Trial Search Concluded

  • The “SIROCCO I / II” search record appears here.
  • From this record you can go directly to any related Product Technologies Database entries.




Note 4:

  • On the Advanced Search page of the Trial & Registries Database you have much greater control over your searching parameters compared to a Quick Search.
  • In addition to Trial Name and Product Name, you can search 3 full lists for Company Name, PI Name or PI Study Site. You can also search by trial Publication Date to find those trials that are still pending, were completed before or after a specific date or within a specific time period. Also, trial Start Date and Enrollment Number is also available.
  • As with the Quick Search page you can also control the number of results shown per page.

Search #3 — Clinical Trial to Product Linking

Step 1. — Trial Entry to Product Entry

  • On a Clinical Trial entry, any related products will be listed near the top left.
  • In the SIROCCO I / II entry from earlier, two products are listed:
    • Sirolimus-eluting S.M.A.R.T. Stent
    • S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System
  • Click on the S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System.

Step 2. — Product Technologies Entries

  • Your S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System entry is now shown.
  • Similarly, you can see and click on all the related trials under this product entry.

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Search #4 — Advanced Product Search

Step 1. — Your Advanced Product Search

  • To perform an Advanced Product Search, similar to the Advanced Trial Search, go to the Quick Search page.
  • Click on the Advanced Search button.

Step 2. — Your Advanced Product Search continued

  • Select Medical Devices under General Modality.
  • Select Stents under Specific Modality.
  • Select Bare Metal under General Product Type.
  • Select the company “Cordis (J & J)”
  • Select the Subject Area of Endovascular Therapeutics.
  • Click Seach.

Step 3. — Your Advanced Search results

  • Click on the “S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System”

Step 4. — Your Advanced Serach concluded

  • The “S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System” entry is now displayed.

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Search #5 — Company Search

Step 1. — Your Company Search

  • If you are interested in locating “Cordis (J&J)– Click on “C” at the top of the Companies List and scroll down to the name of that company in the “C” listings.

Step 2. — Your Company Search continued

  • After locating that company name [“Cordis (J&J)] you can access a detailed summary page of each of the Trial & Registries sponsored by Cordis or Product Technologies developed by Cordis.
  • Clicking on the Company Name opens its Companies database summary page.

Step 3. — Your Company Search continued

  • The “Cordis (J&J)” Companies summary page displays links to the company’s Trials & Registries and Product Technologies. The Trials & Registries and Product Technologies are organized by those Subject Areas you subscribe to. Also displayed is additional general company contact information and linking to each company’s website.

Step 4. — Your Company Search continued

  • Scrolling down the page to Endovascular Therapeutics under Clinical Trials and Registries and clicking on the SIROCCO I / II trial will take you to that section of the Trials & Registries Database.


Step 5. — Your Company Search concluded

  • The “SIROCCO I / II” trial result is now displayed.

Step 6. — Your Company Search continued

  • Returning to the “Cordis (J&J)” Companies summary page and scrolling down the page to Endovascular Therapeutics under Products and Technologies and clicking on the”S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System” will take you to that section of the Product Technologies Database.

Step 7. — Your Company Search concluded

  • The “S.M.A.R.T. CONTROL Stent System” entry is now displayed.

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