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Feeds – on the topic or topics of your choice – that can be used on your biotechnology or medical device company Intranet or Internet site.
Attract new and repeat visitors to your website.

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Two holdouts on the GOP effort to repeal ObamaCare ...
A bipartisan Senate deal that would extend critical ObamaCare ...
Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) said Tuesday that he and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) ...
A senior fellow for the Heritage Foundation, an influential conservative ...
The chairman of the powerful House Freedom Caucus said ...
Though he stands behind the decision to end cost-sharing ...
UnitedHealth Group appears to have much to gain and ...
The chairman of the largest bloc of House conservatives ...
A new study finds that future doctors are confident ...




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  • Enhance your brand and reputation by providing “value added” services
  • Increase lead generation – attract new and repeat visitors to your website


         MedIntelliBase Custom Breaking News
         instantaneously streams tightly focused breaking
         clinical research, technology and industry developments via RSS feeds to:

  • your company’s intranet
  • your company’s customer-focused extranet:
    • educational or
    • promotional websites
  • your company e-newsletters
  • your customer-focused e-blasts

MIB Breaking News…

Focuses customer interest on your company

Targets your medical specialists

Establishes your company expertise

Substantiates your company credibility

The applications for this service are numerous:

  • Feeds to educational websites about precisely targeted areas of clinical interest or therapeutics, sponsored by your company
  • Feeds to your e-newsletters or promotional company website to drive readership
  • Emailing precisely targeted e-blast briefs to
    your customers
  • …And much more – all customized exactly to your specifications!

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