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July 2008
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Stenting or Medical Therapy? COURAGE Trial
August 14, 2008 - New 36-month results from the COURAGE Trial from the New England Journal of Medicine - reigniting the debate between percutaneous cardiovascular intervention (PCI) and medical therapy for patients with stable angina.

"We now can offer patients the option of optimal medical therapy with the assurance that over time the outcome will be the same as stenting," cautioned Robert O. Bonow, M.D., Northwestern University, against over-interpreting the trial findings. “This in no way diminishes the role of stenting in treating unstable angina or MI."

For more on the latest findings view the COURAGE Trial Summary to the right or for a full press release click here.
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Boston Scientific's NEXSTENT Recall
August 18, 2008 - Boston Scientific Corporation, Inc. (Boston, MA) issued a recall for NEXSTENT carotid stents manufactured between June 2007 and May 2008 - The recall was issued based on failure of the delivery catheter. The tip of the delivery catheter had been found to potentially break off during implantation. This recall is in effect for both the Monrail and Over-the-Wire versions.

For more on the latest findings view the NexStent Product Summary to the right or for a full press release click here.
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Fitness yet Risk: U.S. Children Walking to School
August 18, 2008 - With the average US price of diesel fuel fluctuating around $4.50 per gallon many school districts are making adjustments to their busing programs - Plans for the 2008/09 school year include bus stop consolidation, field trip cancellation and termination of bus service in certain area. While students will benefit from the added physical activity of walking there is due concern of student safety and the added fuel consumption as up to 50 cars per bus load of students are added to the roads. Click here to get all the details.
Fun Fact: An Olympic Diet...a Cardiologist’s Nightmare
August 15, 2008 - With the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics wrapped up we would like to draw attention to one man’s 12,000+ calorie diet - Michael Phelps, the US team’s vanguard swimmer consumes more “unhealthy” food in on meal than a cardiologist would allow in a year. That may be an exaggeration but our Link of the Month is details where this high powered swimmer gets his energy. Click here to get all the details.
Site of the Month: More Than 30 Minutes of Exercise Required...
July 28, 2008 - a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine - found that 30 minutes of daily exercise did not result in weight-loss. Titled, “Effect of exercise on 24-month weight loss maintenance in overweight women,” Doctor John Jakicic (Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh) stated that “individuals sustaining a loss of 10% or more of initial body weight at 24 months reported performing more physical activity (1835 kcal/wk or 275 min/wk) compared with those sustaining a weight loss of less than 10% of initial body weight (P < .001).” Click here to read the full scoop from TIME magazine.
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