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March 2008
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Trim the "Fat Hormone..."
ZIPS Trial
On January 19, 2008 W. L. Gore & Associates (Newark, DE) announced that enrollment of 150 patients had been completed in the VIBRANT (GORE VIABAHN Endoprosthesis veRsus bAre Nitinol stenT) Study, comparing treatments for peripheral vascular disease (PVD) of the superficial femoral artery (SFA).

"We look forward to the long-term follow-up data of patients and what it could reveal about the impact that adding a bypass-like covering to a stent can have on the results of bare metal stents," stated Gary Ansel, MD, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, OH, co-principal investigator for the Gore VIBRANT study.

This trial was designed to demonstrate patency superiority of the GORE VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis in the treatment of 8cm or longer lesions as compared to bare-metal nitinol stents. VIABAHN is a flexible, self-expanding endoluminal nitinol stent with an expanded ePTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) lining. VIBRANT is a randomized prospective, multi-center clinical trial.

Visit a snapshot of the VIBRANT Trial and its results at MIB MarketTracks by clicking on the thumbnail image below.
Physical activity lowers levels of a "fat hormone" called leptin in men... -- "As you get fatter, your body makes more leptin... But when you exercise, the amount of leptin in the blood decreases. Most of the time, you also lose weight, which means your risk of heart disease decreases too." said Eric B. Rimm, Sc.D., associate professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health -- Click Here to view the full release. [ScienceDaily (Mar. 7, 2000)]
March 3, 2008 – ZIPS Trial Published Results:

Cook Incorporated's (Bloomington, IN) ZIPS Trial is the first US trial of DES in the iliac arteries. The ZIPS Trial uses the Zilver Vascular Stent, a self-expanding nitinol stent incorporating Cook's Z-Stent cell design.

Based on the results of the ZIPS Trial, Katharine L. Krol, MD, FSIR, FACR, Director of Interventional Radiology at CorVasc MD’s, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana and colleagues concluded that, "The Zilver vascular stent is safe and effective as an adjunct to PTA in the treatment of symptomatic disease of the iliac arteries."

For a MIB MarketTracks summary of the ZIPS Trial and its results click on the thumbnail image below.

ZIPS Trial
Mutated Gene Causing PAD?...
Why some PAD patients face higher amputation and early death risks may be due to mutated genes reports researchers from Duke University. -- Click Here to view the full release. [ScienceDaily (Feb. 26, 2008)]
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Link of the Month: P.A.D. Coalition
What is the Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) Coalition?

Who belongs to the P.A.D. Coalition? The P.A.D. Coalition is "an alliance of leading health organizations, vascular health professional societies, and government agencies that have united to raise public and health professional awareness about lower extremity P.A.D.”

What is the P.A.D. Coalition’s goal? The coalition is committed to improving P.A.D. patient outcomes.

Who sponsors the P.A.D. Coalition? The Vascular Disease Foundation, a national, not-for-profit section 501(c)(3) organization, coordinates the coalition. Click here to learn more.
[P.A.D. Coalition - www.]
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