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Get a free custom scrolling newsfeed for your corporate or patient information website.

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  • Enhance your brand and reputation by providing a valuable information service
  • Increase traffic and lead generation – attract new and repeat visitors to your corporate website(s)
  • Track market developments in real time
  • Increase your marketing capability without increasing expense

The details:

  • The service monitors selected sources in real time using your specific keywords. It then publishes filtered articles as an RSS feed.
  • Your custom newsfeed can reference up to five keywords or phrases of your choice.
  • Your custom newsfeed can use up to three sources – publications, blogs, websites, government agencies, etc.
  • You will receive an email with instructions and HTML code to copy and paste into your website source code after you sign up.
  • You will receive a complimentary weekly email subscription to the MedIntelliBase Custom Breaking News: “Economic Issues in Healthcare” newsletter
  • There is no obligation. You can use the MedIntelliBase® Custom Breaking News Free Edition newsfeed as long as you like and you can discontinue use at any time.
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Breaking News PLATINUM

Need even more? Contact us for our MedIntelliBase® Custom Breaking News Platinum edition – Unlimited number of keywords and feed sources branded with your company name, logo and design – Multiple sign-ins with secure access to your archived abstracts, alert reports and full text articles as you specify.

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