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Customer Testimonials – MIB Custom Alerts:

“Our Actelion Abstract Alerts service gives us excellent coverage in our area of clinical interest. Every week, the team at MedIntelliBase produces exactly the types of information we need and sorts out all of the extraneous results – making it much easier for my information team to keep our company current on clinical research and industry developments.

Now with the newly improved Alert service and its advanced search feature, we can search our Alerts abstracts archives in great depth pulling abstracts of interest within seconds. This is an extremely valuable tool.”

— Marc Spangner, PharmD – Director, Medical Information Department  – Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc.

I am impressed with the usefulness of the newly improved MedIntelliBase Alerts system. Our Pathway Abstract Alerts service is extremely easy to use. Whenever I travel I can download our most recently emailed Alert onto my PDA and read it on the plane or anytime I’m offline. My team can run powerful searches on our online, dedicated Abstract Archive. Highlighted search terms allow them to immediately find the abstracts or announcements we need. We get excellent coverage in our area of clinical interest. It is much easier for my team to stay up-to-date on clinical research and technology developments with MedIntelliBase Alerts.

— Stephanie Amoss – Vice President of Marketing – Pathway Medical Technologies, Inc.

Customer Testimonial – MIB Custom Breaking News:

“When we first learned of MedIntelliBase Intelligence services I immediately saw MIB Breaking News feeds as the best way to keep our educational website constantly fresh and our readers informed. ZOLL is committed to educating its customers and with constant advances in the peri- and post-resuscitation technology fields it allows us to do just that.

Our readers now know to return to our educational site as THE source for resuscitation, external defibrillation and now internal and external cooling therapies.

When first launched and even today, our in-field reps and clinical support teams use our custom MIB Breaking News feed integral to our site as a way to distinguish ZOLL Medical from our competition. We are in there for the long run with our customers and we know MedIntelliBase is right there with us. We’ve been a more than satisfied customer since their inception in 2007.”

— Annette Fasnacht – Senior Director, Hospital Marketing – ZOLL Medical Corporation

As a state trade association we always look for opportunities to bring value to our membership. The MedIntelliBase Breaking News feed found at is a welcome addition to the OBA website and has been well received by our membership. This tool allows us to effectively communicate the top stories in bioscience to our members with little to no work on the part of our staff. As a result our membership can come to our site to see all the current news affecting the bioscience industry in one location; a terrific member benefit.

— John Tortorici – Executive Director – Oregon Bioscience Association

MedIntelliBase Breaking News arrived at just the right time offering exactly what we needed. The Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association was in the midst of completely overhauling and redesigning the association’s site and needed consistently updated news targeting Washington’s life sciences industries. I had visions of working at least a couple nights a week making important local media updates to our website – and was not looking forward to it.

In stepped MedIntelliBase. With a Breaking News service created just for the WBBA – Economic Issues in WA Healthcare” Breaking News – the MIB team delivers a constant stream of the 25 most newsworthy and recent news items on Washington state life sciences industry, legislative and economic news. It appears both as a scrolling feed to our Home page and as a quickly viewable list on our News Media page.

We are thrilled with its consistently fresh articles and reliable delivery – Thank you MIB team for being a great partner that enables us to provide our members with a valuable real-time news stream!”

— Stacie D. Byars – Director, Marketing and Membership – Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association


Customer Testimonial – Integrated MIB Custom MarketTracks & MIB Custom Alerts:

“We first subscribed to MedIntelliBase Alerts to get important abstracts and medical news emailed to us wherever we travel. However, when I saw the quality and depth of coverage of the clinical research trials, registries, and emerging technologies in the MedIntelliBase MarketTracks service – and then learned all of the content could be customized to our specific needs – we decided to add the custom MarketTracks service as well.

Since we started subscribing to MIB Alerts and MarketTracks, the MIB team has enhanced the items that appear in our bi-weekly Alerts and abstracts archives with hyperlinks to pertinent online MarketTrack summaries of trials, registries, product technologies and companies. This is in addition to their regular monthly MarketTrack Update emails. We have found this new linking feature combined with regular email reporting to be immensely powerful in helping us keep current in our field of research and in staying on top of competitor activity.”

— Kevin Peters – Director of Clinical Affairs – Pathway Medical Technologies, Inc.

Customer Testimonial – MIB Custom SMArtStats:

“The Next Phase took what amounted to an ‘elephant’ of public statistical information and distilled it into a manageable solution, providing exactly the data required to integrate with our internal company data. The depth and breadth of information we received was beyond what our team could produce on its own.

This information was instrumental in our company’s successful redefinition and reorganization of its marketing strategy.”

— Matthew Van Der Wende – Associate Market Research & Communications Manager – a leading interventional medical technology company

Customer Testimonial – MIB Custom litsearch:

“Our urgency for clinical research data often demands turn-around within days. MedIntelliBase (MIB) was there for us. We got timely responses and quick turn-around every time. The MIB team even beat our deadlines on several occasions completing literature search reports with critical abstracts and articles for our research topics.

Our clinical research staff is scattered around the globe. So the MIB team came up with a creative solution. Instead of static Word document reports stored in someone’s laptop or shelf we now have online access to our fully-searchable MIB LitSearch Alerts reports on MIB’s secure servers. This online archive of citations, abstracts and articles gives us required evidence in our areas of clinical research and it’s available around the globe.

MedIntelliBase’s creative solutions and timely, precise results helped to sustain my team’s productivity.”

— Maria Koullick, Ph.D. – Senior Director, Clinical Affairs – ATS Medical, Inc.

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“Overall, we are pleased with the assistance provided [by MedIntelliBase / The Next Phase] and have therefore been willing to serve as a reference when requested to do so.”

— Aaron Feldman, CEO Rafael Medical Technologies, Inc.


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